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-<b>01/17 Tutorial available !</b><br>
+<b>2005/01/17 Tutorial available !</b><br>
 Finally, a great tutorial is available, thanks to Carlos. The tutorial can be found <a class="moduleLink" href="/cgi-bin/trac.cgi/wiki/CherryPyTutorial">CherryPy tutorial</a><br>
-<b>01/13 New page about CherryPy speed</b><br>
+<b>2005/01/13 New page about CherryPy speed</b><br>
 We've always known it, but now we have proof :-) CherryPy is fast... Have a look at the <a class="moduleLink" href="/cgi-bin/trac.cgi/wiki/CherryPySpeed">CherryPy speed</a> page<br>
-<b>01/10 New recipe about unicode</b><br>
+<b>2005/01/10 New recipe about unicode</b><br>
 If you want to write a unicode-aware web app, have a look at this new <a class="moduleLink" href="/cgi-bin/trac.cgi/wiki/UnicodeAware">recipe</a><br>
-<b>01/09 New Subversion repository URL</b><br>
+<b>2005/01/09 New Subversion repository URL</b><br>
 The Subversion repository is now available through HTTPS instead of svn+ssh.<br>
 The new URL for your SVN client is:<br>
-<b>01/06 New recipe about databases</b><br>
+<b>2005/01/06 New recipe about databases</b><br>
 A new recipe has been added. It shows how to connect your CherryPy server to a database
 in a thread-safe manner.<br>
 The recipe can be found <a class="moduleLink" href="/cgi-bin/trac.cgi/wiki/CherryPyDatabase">here</a><br>
-<b>12/30 CherryPy-2.0-beta released</b><br>
+<b>2004/12/30 CherryPy-2.0-beta released</b><br>
 The download can be found <a class="moduleLink" title="" href="">here</a>.
 The ChangeLog can be found <a class="moduleLink" title="/cgi-bin/trac.cgi/file/trunk/CHANGELOG.txt" href="/cgi-bin/trac.cgi/file/trunk/CHANGELOG.txt">here</a>.<br>
-<b>12/01 Trac upgrade and new Roadmap</b><br>
+<b>2004/12/01 Trac upgrade and new Roadmap</b><br>
 Trac has been upgraded to 0.8, which means that we now have a nice Roadmap feature.<br>
-<b>11/19 Windows installers available</b><br>
+<b>2004/11/19 Windows installers available</b><br>
 Windows installers for <a href="">CherryTemplate</a> and <a href="">CherryPy</a> are available (Python 2.3 required).<br>
 <b>Update:</b> Development snapshot added.  Download it from CherryPyDownload<br>
 <b>Update 30 Nov 2004:</b> Development snapshot for <b>Python-2.4</b>  added.  Download it from <a href="">CherryPyDownload</a><br>
-<b>11/18 CherryTemplate-1.0.0 released</b><br>
+<b>2004/11/18 CherryTemplate-1.0.0 released</b><br>
 The first stable release of <a href="">CherryTemplate</a> has been released.
 The main change is that it now uses generators to render templates.<br>
-<b>11/08 New page for CherryTemplate</b><br>
+<b>2004/11/08 New page for CherryTemplate</b><br>
 This Wiki now also hosts the <a href="">CherryTemplate</a> package.<br>
-<b>11/07 New CherryPy site</b><br>
+<b>2004/11/07 New CherryPy site</b><br>
 This new site is now the official CherryPy site. It is a Wiki so feel free to contribute :-)