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pointer to asynchronous handling or requests

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+<b>2005-04-21 New asynchronous recipe</b><br>
+The heavily documented "Asynchronous handling of requests" <a href="/wiki/AsyncRecipe">recipe</a> shows the viewer how to do asynchronous calls using an <tt>@async</tt> style decorator.<br> It also shows how to still make use of session data, and can be seen as an example of the <tt>cpg.server.onStopServerList</tt> method list.
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 <b>2005-04-14 A new web-application powered by CherryPy</b><br>
 <a href="">Orango</a> is a feed reader powered by CherryPy. The Python part is done by <a href="">one man</a> in less than 2 weeks. Orango is also powered by <a href="">ZODB</a> as the database and <a href="">Cheetah</a> as the template engine.
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