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-<b>2005-07-14 CherryPy-2.1.0-beta released !</b><br />
+<b>2005-08-11 Cherry Planet is now up and running</b><br />
+The CherryPy community has now its own <a href="">planet</a>. Please feel free to contact <a href="/wiki/SylvainHellegouarch">me</a> to add your feed to the planet.
+<b>2005-07-14 CherryPy-2.1.0-beta released !</b>
+<br />
 The first release for 2.1 (beta) is here ! <b>LOTS</b> of new features/bug fixes in this release ... Grab the release from the <a href="/wiki/CherryPyDownload">download page</a> page and make sure you read <a href="/wiki/WhatsNewIn21">"What's new in CherryPy 2.1"</a> for instructions on how to upgrade.
 <b>2005-07-14 Wiki updates disabled for anonymous users because of spam</b><br />
 Looks like the spammers have already found a way around our basic spam-detection tool and we are getting lots of spam, so we've disabled anonymous modifications for now.<br>