magicbus / magicbus / test /

Robert Brewer 41f5dfb 

from magicbus import bus
from magicbus.wspbus import ChannelFailures
from magicbus.plugins import loggers, servers
from magicbus.test import assertEqual, WebService, WebHandler


class Handler(WebHandler):

    bus = bus

    def do_GET(self):
        if self.path == '/':
            self.respond("Hello World")
        elif self.path == '/ctrlc':
            raise KeyboardInterrupt
        elif self.path == '/exit':
service = WebService(handler_class=Handler)
adapter = servers.ServerPlugin(bus, service, service.address)

class TestServers(object):

    def test_keyboard_interrupt(self):
        # Raise a keyboard interrupt in the HTTP server's main thread.
        resp = service.do_GET("/ctrlc")
        assertEqual(resp.status, 200)
        assertEqual(bus.state, bus.states.EXITING)
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