Sylvain Hellegouarch committed 7ce834e

Updating the remote client's info after tools.proxy had a chance to run, so that the remote IP is the real one.

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         if appstats.get('Enabled', False):
+            cherrypy.request.hooks.attach('before_request_body',
+                                          self.record_resource,
+                                          priority=35)
     def record_start(self):
         """Record the beginning of a request."""
             'Response Status': None,
             'Start Time': time.time(),
+    def record_resource(self, debug=False):
+        w = appstats['Requests'][threading._get_ident()]
+        r = cherrypy.serving.request.remote
+        w['Client'] = '%s:%s' % (r.ip, r.port)
     def record_stop(self, uriset=None, slow_queries=1.0, slow_queries_count=100,
                     debug=False, **kwargs):
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