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Merge. No idea why hg let me push two heads.

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File .vim/macros/rails.vim

+" rails.vim will source this file on init for all its file types
+" TODO: do we need to Rset any custom file alternates, etc.?
+" TODO: can try to get fancy to conditionally override defaults...
+" Rnavcommand observer app/observers -glob=**/*
+Rnavcommand decorator app/decorators -glob=**/*
+Rnavcommand job app/jobs -glob=**/*
+Rnavcommand admin app/admin -default=both()
+Rnavcommand factory spec/factories -default=model()
+Rnavcommand blueprint spec/support/blueprints -default=model()
+Rnavcommand uploader app/uploaders -glob=**/* -suffix=_uploader.rb -default=model()
+Rnavcommand service app/services -glob=**/*