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tmux: additional session configs, split them out

Easy to load one-by-one with source-file.

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File .tmux/lupin.conf

+# NOTE: MacVim only supports being a server in GUI mode, so I can't use
+# session.vim's nice support for `--servername foo` to open a session :-(
+# :h macvim-clientserver
 # first session
 new-window -d -n irssi 'irssi'
 new-window -d -n home
-# second session
-new-session -d -s noted-life
-set -t noted-life default-path "$HOME/src/work/andrew_hurd/noted_life"
-link-window -dk -t1 -s main:1
-new-window -d -n vim 'exec $VIM .'
-new-window -d -n rails
-split-window -v -t3
-split-window -h -t
-new-session -d -s
-set -t default-path "/Users/ches/src/work/500startups/Admin500"
-link-window -dk -t1 -s main:1
-new-window -d -n vim 'exec $VIM .'
-new-window -d -n rails
-split-window -v -t3
-split-window -h -t
+source-file $HOME/.tmux/sessions/dashboardio.conf
+source-file $HOME/.tmux/sessions/dashboardpro.conf
+source-file $HOME/.tmux/sessions/siphon.conf
+source-file $HOME/.tmux/sessions/activeavro.conf
 # get rid of the placeholder
 switch-client -t main

File .tmux/sessions/activeavro.conf

+# ActiveAvro
+new-session -d -s activeavro
+set -t siphon default-path "$HOME/src/ruby/activeavro"
+link-window -dk -t activeavro -s main:1
+new-window -d -t activeavro -n activeavro
+split-window -h -t activeavro:activeavro 'exec $VIM -c "OpenSession activeavro"'
+split-window -v -t activeavro:activeavro.left

File .tmux/sessions/dashboardio.conf

+new-session -d -s
+set -t default-path "$HOME/src/work/Disruption/"
+link-window -dk -t -s main:1
+new-window -d -t -n vim 'exec $VIM -c "OpenSession dashboard"'
+new-window -d -t -n rails
+split-window -v -t
+split-window -h -t

File .tmux/sessions/dashboardpro.conf

+# Dashboard Pro
+new-session -d -s pro
+set -t pro default-path "$HOME/src/work/Disruption/"
+link-window -dk -t pro -s main:1
+new-window -d -t pro -n pro
+split-window -h -t pro:pro 'exec $VIM -c "OpenSession dashboardpro"'
+split-window -v -t pro:pro.left
+# new-window -d -t pro -n vim 'exec $VIM -c "OpenSession dashboardpro'
+# new-window -d -t pro -n rails
+# split-window -v -t pro:rails
+# split-window -h -t

File .tmux/sessions/notedlife.conf

+# Noted Life
+new-session -d -s noted-life
+set -t noted-life default-path "$HOME/src/work/andrew_hurd/noted_life"
+link-window -dk -t noted-life -s main:1
+new-window -d -t noted-life -n vim 'exec $VIM .'
+new-window -d -t noted-life -n rails
+split-window -v -t noted-life:rails
+split-window -h -t

File .tmux/sessions/siphon.conf

+# Siphon
+new-session -d -s siphon
+set -t siphon default-path "$HOME/src/work/Disruption/siphon"
+link-window -dk -t siphon -s main:1
+new-window -d -t siphon -n siphon
+split-window -h -t siphon:siphon 'exec $VIM -c "OpenSession siphon"'
+split-window -v -t siphon:siphon.left