Geological time color palettes

This repository contains color palettes for geological time for use with the Generic Mapping Tools. The color palettes are in RGB format and follow the specifications published by the International Commission for Stratigraphy (ICS) as published on their website.

Currently, the following incarnations of the geological time scale are covered (some only partly, feel free to contribute):

  1. GTS2012 Strat chart available from ICS website - PDF
  2. GTS2004: PDF not available online.
  3. Exxon88: The old Exxon/Haq timescale from 1988.

The cpts are also accessible through cpt-city with the direct link to the cpts being the "Heine collection" here.

Also, check my website TectonicWaters for examples of how these color scales can be used with GPlates.

Please consider contributing to the repository by helping to convert the missing sections or timescales to the repository.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Christian Heine, mailto:chhei\at/

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