Markdown2Web: A simple solution to building lightweight websites


A relatively recent version of Python and the following package (only if you want to convert a BibTeX file into publication lists. Otherwise you don't need to install bibtex2x):


Install using pip:

pip install git+

and pandoc, which can be downloaded at

You may also need a GNU version of sed.


To start, all you need to do is:

git clone

and then modify the `config.yaml' file and replace the bibtex file in the directory with your own. You can start writing your own markdown files to build your website.

Finally, just type


and see the directory ./htmls

To deploy, all you need to do is to scp or rsync ./htmls/* to your web server.

Design your own navigation menu theme

You need to write your own _template/nav_theme?.html and _assets/css/nav_theme?.css. Here ? is the index number (from 1 to 10).