Error: rmap file should have 4 columns

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Hello, I have formatted my .rmap and .baitmap files similar to the mm9_chr18and19.rmap and .baitmap files found in the 'inst' folder but keep on encountering the following error when I run this:

python --rmapfile=Mandrup_PHiC_4.rmap --baitmapfile=Mandrup_PHiC_4.baitmap --outfilePrefix=output

Using options: minFragLen=150, maxFragLen=40000, maxLBrownEst=1500000, binsize=20000, removeb2b=True, removeAdjacent=True rmapfile=Mandrup_PHiC_4.rmap baitmapfile=Mandrup_PHiC_4.baitmap outfilePrefix=output

Reading rmap.... Error: rmap file should have 4 columns: <chr> <start> <end> <id>. Got 1: ['']

Any help would be much appreciated. I've attached the files I'm using.

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  1. Mikhail Spivakov

    I suspect there are some whitespace characters in the first row of the rmap file. Perhaps try cleaning it up.

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