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It's me again. I found the WashU input created by runChicago.R was not supported by WashU epigenome browser.

chr1,3090913,3092556    chr1,3659706,3665317    6.96
chr1,3090913,3092556    chr1,5764148,5766297    6.97
chr1,3090913,3092556    chr1,5913068,5914830    5.62
chr1,3090913,3092556    chr1,6744204,6746744    7.61

New WashU epigenome browser accepts hic, longrange and biginteract format. I personally transformed the input to longrange format and WashU run was successful. I hope you would make some changes to output either longrange or biginteract format. The biginteract format can also be visualized in UCSC browser, which makes it more portable. Thanks. Ada

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  1. Y. Ada Zhan

    Just found out that “washU_track” was actually the longrange format. Sorry for the confusion.

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