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Hi, Currently, I am exploring Chicago tool with the GM12878 datasets(downloaded from

I am experiencing an error while running runChicago.R script.

Rscript runChicago.R --design-dir /storage2/bif_works/chicago_tool/chicago/chicagoTools/designDir/ GM12878_chinput/GM12878_rep1_549.chinput Gm12878.out

error: [bif@spandana chicagoTools]$ Rscript runChicago.R GM12878_chinput/GM12878_rep1_549.chinput Gm12878.out


Loading the Chicago package and dependencies... Loading required package: data.table Welcome to CHiCAGO - version 1.10.1 If you are new to CHiCAGO, please consider reading the vignette through the command: vignette("Chicago"). NOTE: Default values of tlb.minProxOEPerBin and tlb.minProxB2BPerBin changed as of Version 1.1.5. No action is required unless you specified non-default values, or wish to re-run the pipeline on old chicagoData objects. See news(package="Chicago") Warning: neither --en-feat-files nor --en-feat-list provided. Feature enrichments will not be computed

Setting the experiment...

Error in setExperiment(designDir = designDir, settingsFile = settingsFile) : Design not specified. Please specify a design directory or design files. Execution halted

I have used the Hind||| design files(hg19) also, but having the same error. The design directory contains the necessary files as per the manual.

GM12878design.poe GM12878design.npb GM12878design.nbpb GM12878design.rmap GM12878design.baitmap

I am using R version 3.5.1

Any help would be appreciated.

Regards; Anupam

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