Unable to replicate results from chicagoPipeline()

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Issue #63 resolved
Laureano Tomas created an issue

I’ve been replicating the example from the vignette several times (100x) and each time I get a different number of interactions. I tried to set the brownianNoise.seed to a given value and then run again 100 times in this case I get a different number of interactions the first 6 iterations, but after that, it gets always the same value. (code attached)

I was wondering how could I get ALWAYS the same value?, meaning, if I run the same code (with the brownianNoise.seed) I get the same value 100 times.

I also tried to set a seed (set.seed) before running chicagoPipeline, together with the brownianNoise.seed, and happens the same, the first 6 iterations get different values and after that the same value.

I also tried to use the whole dataset to estimateBrownianComponent, to remove the sampling process, but again happens the same.

I’d like to have a reproducible analysis, and get always the same values whenever I run it.

Thanks in advance.

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