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Issue #70 open
Shashank Tiwari created an issue

after running runChicago.R, I get the following error:


Error in approx(cum, xx, xout = (1:g) * nnm/g, method = "constant", rule = 2, :

zero non-NA points

Calls: chicagoPipeline -> normaliseOtherEnds -> .addTLB -> cut2 -> approx"

This is the .addTLB function:

.addTLB = function(cd, adjBait2bait=TRUE){

##Assigns each fragment a "tlb" - a range containing the number of trans

##1) The bins are constructed based on reduced data - (outliers trimmed, )

##2) The bin endpoints are readjusted such that no fragments fall outside.

##3) These bins are then applied to the entire dataset.

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