Georg Brandl committed 8fbc152

Escape more characters in LaTeX output (#505).

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 - Support `Offload <>`_ C++ Extensions as
   keywords in the C++ lexer (#484).
+- Escape more characters in LaTeX output (#505).
 Version 1.3.1


     return text.replace('\\', '\x00'). \
                 replace('{', '\x01'). \
                 replace('}', '\x02'). \
-                replace('^', '\x03'). \
-                replace('_', '\x04'). \
                 replace('\x00', r'\%sZbs{}' % commandprefix). \
                 replace('\x01', r'\%sZob{}' % commandprefix). \
                 replace('\x02', r'\%sZcb{}' % commandprefix). \
-                replace('\x03', r'\%sZca{}' % commandprefix). \
-                replace('\x04', r'\%sZus{}' % commandprefix)
+                replace('^', r'\%sZca{}' % commandprefix). \
+                replace('_', r'\%sZus{}' % commandprefix). \
+                replace('#', r'\%sZsh{}' % commandprefix). \
+                replace('%', r'\%sZpc{}' % commandprefix). \
+                replace('$', r'\%sZdl{}' % commandprefix)
 # * \PY@tok@classname sets the \PY@it etc. to reflect the chosen style
 #   for its class.
 # * \PY resets the style, parses the classnames and then calls \PY@do.
+# Tip: to read this code, print it out in substituted form using e.g.
+# >>> print STYLE_TEMPLATE % {'cp': 'PY'}
 %% for compatibility with earlier versions
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