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gae-init is the easiest way to start new applications on Google App Engine using Flask, Bootstrap and tons of other cool features.

Demo Page

The latest version is always accessible from: http://gae-init.appspot.com


Visit the docs page for more information, where you can also find a detailed tutorial on how to build a phonebook application.

Running the Development Environment

$ cd /path/to/project-name/main
$ ./run.py -s

To test it visit http://localhost:8080/ in your browser.

To watch for changes of your *.less & *.coffee files and compile them automatically to *.css & *.js run in another bash:

$ ./run.py -w

For a complete list of commands:

$ ./run -h

Deploying on Google App Engine

Before deploying make sure that the app.yaml and config.py are up to date and you ran the run.py script to minify all the static files:

$ ./run.py -m
$ appcfg.py update .

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Contributions and Ideas


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