Crashes when converting to 16bit CDNG from MLV

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Issue #12 resolved
Jason Bowdach created an issue

Application crashes whenever converting MLV files, whether 12 bit CDNG or 16bit CDNG (tried both just in case). Attempted tests on multiple sets of MLV files shot on a 7D with sound enabled on beta 2, beta3, and beta4. debug log from beta4 is attached. I attempting to convert so I can take into Resolve, sync audio with timecode, create proxies for edit, etc workflow.

Thank you for your work and assistance! Please let me know if I can provide any further debug info or assistance.

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  1. Sebastian Chmielarz repo owner

    looked into the first debug. it seems, the convert-process stops at frame 5201, but there are about 6426 frames. could you look into the whole file in the preview-window? does it crash maybe on frame 5201? it seems it crashes somewhere inside the file, not right on start, and there should be some converted files, right?

  2. Jason Bowdach reporter

    Ive been trying a bunch of different MLV files to see if its file specific, and it seems to crash of every one. Trying another test right now and will have a new set of debugs for you.

    EDIT: See newest attachment

  3. Sebastian Chmielarz repo owner

    @jason. made some tests with bigger files. its clearly an "out of memory" exception. investigating. some objects arent erased after frame Calculations.

  4. Jason Bowdach reporter

    @chmee glad you were able to re-create it. Ive gone through all my shots from that shoot, and some of them have no issue going through beta4, importing into resolve, and even syncing with the audio. Others crash during the process in beta4. Please let me know what I can provide to assist further

  5. Sebastian Chmielarz repo owner

    think, i solved it in the todays commit. give me 2-3 days to deliver some more goodies (i try to)

  6. Jason Bowdach reporter

    @chmee you are the man! Thank you so much! let me know when you'd like me to continue testing :)

  7. Sebastian Chmielarz repo owner

    btw. look on the memory-consumption of raw2cdng beta4 while converting (taskmanager/processes or performance), it should freak out, when the used memory reaches about 1.5GB - solved..

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