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Patryk Kubiak created an issue

General Description:

There is a lot of functions in the system that handles read/write operations on buffers. Very often it is required to pass the buffer size and address to the function and also request about number of bytes that has been read/written. It has to be implemented in each module separately. The idea of the task is to prepare a simple module that helps in such operations. The module should be implemented as part of the Library Space in files oc_datapackage.h and oc_datapackage.c.


The library should provide the following interface:

// General structure for handling data package
typedef struct
           // Pointer to the buffer
           const void *     WriteBuffer;
           void *               ReadBuffer;
           const uint8_t *  WriteArrayU8;
           uint8_t *            ReadArrayU8;
           const uint16_t * WriteArrayU16;
           uint16_t *           ReadArrayU16;
           const uint32_t * WriteArrayU32;
           uint32_t *           ReadArrayU32;
           const uint64_t * WriteArrayU64;
           uint64_t *           ReadArrayU64;
     bool ReadOnly; // Flag set if the buffer is read only
     oC_MemorySize_t   BufferSize;   // Size of the buffer in bytes
     oC_MemorySize_t   DataLength; // Number of data bytes inside the buffer
     oC_MemorySize_t   DataOffset;  // Offset in the buffer where data has started
} oC_DataPackage_t;

static inline void oC_DataPackage_Initialize( oC_DataPackage_t * DataPackage, const void * Buffer , oC_MemorySize_t Size, oC_MemorySize_t DataLength, bool ReadOnly ) ;
static inline bool oC_DataPackage_IsFull( const oC_DataPackage_t * DataPackage );
static inline bool oC_DataPackage_IsEmpty( const oC_DataPackage_t * DataPackage );
static inline bool oC_DataPackage_PutDataU8( oC_DataPackage_t * DataPackage, uint8_t Data );
static inline bool oC_DataPackage_PutDataU16( oC_DataPackage_t * DataPackage, uint16_t Data );
static inline bool oC_DataPackage_PutDataU32( oC_DataPackage_t * DataPackage, uint32_t Data );
static inline bool oC_DataPackage_PutDataU64( oC_DataPackage_t * DataPackage, uint64_t Data );
static inline uint8_t oC_DataPackage_GetDataU8( oC_DataPackage_t * DataPackage ); 
static inline uint16_t oC_DataPackage_GetDataU16( oC_DataPackage_t * DataPackage ); 
static inline uint32_t oC_DataPackage_GetDataU32( oC_DataPackage_t * DataPackage ); 
static inline uint64_t oC_DataPackage_GetDataU64( oC_DataPackage_t * DataPackage ); 

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