Provide full support of POSIX commands and functions

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Patryk Kubiak created an issue

Goal Reason

To provide support for most popular PC applications such as GCC, GDB, or GIT it is required to handle correctly all POSIX interface. Moreover thanks to the compatibility with the POSIX, we can find more system users, and provide unix functionality faster than by implementation of programs and services on our own.

General Description

It is required to implement also POSIX programs, but more important is to provide full support of POSIX functions. Note, that all the programs has to be implemented as stand-alone programs working in the user-space to save as much memory as possible. Note, that also existing functions has to be refactored to be compatible with the POSIX (for example printf to return number of writen bytes instead of error code)

List of points

  • [ #198 ] - Provide support of POSIX functions
  • [ #199 ] - Provide support of POSIX programs

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