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Goal Reason

ChocoOS is going to be stable and ready to be advertised and popularized in the network soon. One of the last important steps on the way to achieve this, is to prepare the system to work with graphic user interface. When the system will have even simple user interface, it will be easier to promote it and find both - new users and developers.

General Description

It has to be possible to choose in the system a program that starts during system booting and is responsible for handling graphic user interface. Configuration of the graphic provider has to be easy and indepentent of the default console provider and default program. The system has be also equipped with the sample graphic user interface that allows for basic operations such as: browsing of a file system, execution of programs and displaying system status (clock, application list, etc). The system has to also can distinguish between console programs and graphic programs by checking its definition structure.

List of points

  • [ #206 ] - Refactorization of the system to provide support of default console provider, default graphic provider and default program separately and detection a program type (graphics/console)
  • [ #207 ] - Preparation of the sample graphic program

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