Program demo program for ChocoOS release

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Patryk Kubiak created an issue

Goal Reason

When new users burns the release version of the system into a target memory, do not know what they can do with it and what has changed since the last system version. They have to check in the release notes, try to guess or ask some of the system developers for introducing. It should be more intuitive and should not require involvement of the third persons.

General Description

The system has to have a demo program for meeting new users with the system functionalities and presentation of a features added in the current release. The program has to be implemented in a way that allows for easy changing introduction of new features of the release and be equipped with possibility of adding new parts of the system presentation

List of points

  • [ #211 ] - Preparation of a mechanism for demo programs, that are run only in the release-version and can be easily turned off
  • [ #212 ] - Preparation of a demo program with introduction to the system and presentation of features from the current release

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