Preparation of system usage description and examples for end-users

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Patryk Kubiak created an issue

Target Description

The system architecture and most important features have not correct and actual description. The system developers, especially the new one, can be a little confused about it. We should start to keep the system description updated.

General Description

The system architecture and most important end-user modules has to be well described with usage and examples. This includes:

  • Preparation of the system programs
  • Preparation of the system drivers
  • General information about drivers such as driver types, using logs, etc
  • Using system network
  • POSIX functions
  • System commands
  • System configuration
  • Importing and using eclipse project


  • [ #200 ] - Improve end-user documentation, description of the system, and advertisement


  • [ #229 ] - Prepare system architecture description - for core space, user space, portable space and libraries space
  • [ #230 ] - Preparation of examples in doxygen documentation for most imporant system modules
  • [ #231 ] - Preparation of description for most important system parts

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