Preparation of description for development process, coding-standard and general coding rules

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Target Description

When we will have new developers it will be required to help them in the system and team introduction. We have to given them a website, where they can find at least basic answers.

General Description

Bitbucket wiki should be treated as an entry point for new developers. It should guide them how to develop the system. Doxygen documentation should be for both - system developers and users. Wiki should refers to the doxygen (into the last system version if possible). Note, that also bitbucket issues templates has to be described


  • [ #200 ] - Improve end-user documentation, description of the system, and advertisement


  • [ #222 ] - Update of the coding standard with all the rules and examples in doxygen and bitbucket wiki
  • [ #223 ] - Preparation of full description of development process on bitbucket wiki
  • [ #224 ] - Preparation of development guide for new developers on bitbucket wiki
  • [ #225 ] - Preparation of bitbucket wiki main page and the pages structure
  • [ #226 ] - Preparation of description about development of the system main features such as programs, drivers, LLD, etc in doxygen and on bitbucket wiki
  • [ #227 ] - Preparation of description how to make a system release - with all steps needs to be done in the code, in the system website, forum, bitbucket, and doxygen update
  • [ #232 ] - Tutorial how to port ChocoOS to new architecture
  • [ #233 ] - Turorial how to prepare new file system

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