Improving advertising of the system with new youtube videos, features description and the system usage examples

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Patryk Kubiak created an issue

Target Description

The target of POINT is to find new users and developers for the system. The website has to be more interesting, should contains more system features description to encourage people to use ChocoOS . Youtube channel should be responsible for the popularization of the system

General Description

End-user documentation should contains examples of usage and description of most important system features such as:

  • Login into the system by telnet and uart
  • Configuration and usage of the network (html server?)
  • Showing and anylizing system logs
  • Creation of graphic interface (GUI)
  • Preparation of hello world user-space program
  • Managing system services
  • Using file system and SD card
  • Usage of a touch screen
  • Drivers system - types of drivers and simplicity of adding new drivers
  • Terminal graphic gui (TGUI)
  • Errors stack - easy way to store errors
  • Auto-restart of default program
  • Auto-stack size detector
  • Control over allocations - it is always possible to check where and what for memory was allocated (getallocs -v program) and if it is overwritten.
  • Memory of the program released with the program finish
  • Control of the program stack - when it is overwritten, it is finished
  • Hard faults does not make a system hang or crash - it can just make a program finish
  • Hard faults are printed on stderr with a crash reason
  • Auto-repair of the threads list in case of kernel panic
  • Functions for checking if the pointer is not only NULL but also if it is a correct RAM or ROM address
  • Library named oc_object.h that allows for object-pointers verification
  • There can be defined a maximum size of memory that can be allocated by a program (it can protect agains memory leak)

The youtube channel should contain both: videos about the features usage and also videos about subjects that can be typed in the search very often (of course only related with the embedded programming)


  • [ #200 ] - Improve end-user documentation, description of the system, and advertisement


  • [ #220 ] - Preparation of examples of usage for end-users
  • [ #221 ] - Preparation of features descriptions on the website
  • [ #219 ] - Preparation of youtube videos with promotion of the system

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