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SPI implementation

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  • 943a8b7
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  • 2017-09-02


  • Add SPI empty files

  • Update spi lld interface file

  • Add definitions of SPI pins for F7

  • Implementation of functions for checking SPI configuration

  • Function for allocating SPI context

  • Function for creating context, reserving and releasing SPI channel and configuration of pins

  • Add mutex and semaphore to context

  • Add setting chip select state

  • Implementation of function for configuration of the SPI

  • Implementation of functions for connecting module pins

  • Implementation of function for reading data

  • Implementation of function for write SPI data

  • Implementation of functions for locking and unlocking SPI channel and changing active Chip Select

  • Implementation of function for transmit/receive data

  • Implementation of functions for unconfiguration of the SPI

  • SPI configuration finishes with success result

  • Fix problem with building in eclipse by Mikolaj

  • Fix problem with requesting IP

  • SPI seems to work - I have added tolerance and I've done a lot of other things to make it work. To much to describe them all here

  • Added implementation of command mode

  • Fix problem with posix in PORTABLE SPACE

  • Add option tranceive to the SPI and program spi

  • Update spi.cfg

  • Add program for comparing text files (diff)

  • Fix problems with incorrect SPI data size - now SPI works correctly in STM32F7

  • some magic changes

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