#Resolver Tester This is a project that is a work in progress. The general idea is to troubleshoot DNS resolver issues by giving the user multiple ways to run tests in an easy fashion. You can view/try it at and http://tester.chip.geek Advanced tests can be seen at and http://tester.chip.geek/?advanced #How it works ##Components 1) Web Server 2) dnslib based DNS server that provides a wildcard response, allowing the unique urls ##DNS Lookup Methods 1) Look up image with user-unique domain names when the user loads the page 2) Give the user links to web pages with the user-unique domain names 3) Give the user commands that they can run on their computer to run the DNS queries from the command line #Set Up ##Requirements * Python * Python-pip * dnslib * irc Python lib * PHP5 ##Getting Started 1)Get code and requisites git clone cd resolver-tester pip install --user -r requirements.txt 2) Edit zonefile to reflect your test domains 3) Edit and replace `testerDNs` and `requestDir` with your installation details 4) Launch DNS server in tmux or screen session with: sudo python -f zonefile 5) Move the contents of `web/` to your webserver directory 6) Update `$testDomains` and `$reqBase` to reflect your installation details