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                 return cherrypy.request.headers[headername]
             def doubledheaders(self):
-                # From
+                # From
                 # "header field names should not be case sensitive sayes the rfc.
                 # if i set a headerfield in complete lowercase i end up with two
                 # header fields, one in lowercase, the other in mixed-case."
-        # Test malformed header parsing. See
+        # Test malformed header parsing. See
                      # Note the illegal trailing ";"
                      headers=[('Content-Type', 'text/html; charset=utf-8;')])
     def test_repeated_headers(self):
         # Test that two request headers are collapsed into one.
-        # See
+        # See
                      headers=[("Accept-Charset", "iso-8859-5"),
                               ("Accept-Charset", "unicode-1-1;q=0.8")])
         # Request a PUT method with a file body but no Content-Type.
-        # See
+        # See
         b = ntob("one thing on top of another")
         self.persistent = True
             self.persistent = False
         # Request a PUT method with no body whatsoever (not an empty one).
-        # See
+        # See
         # Provide a C-T or webtest will provide one (and a C-L) for us.
         h = [("Content-Type", "text/plain")]
         self.getPage("/method/reachable", headers=h, method="PUT")