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Satchmo Development Branch

These are the notes for the development version of Satchmo.

New Features
 * upgraded to use the latest Sorl Thumbnail code. Please review the migration notes
 * Added Paypal Payflowpro payment module
 * Updated all templates to use `Django static files <>`_
 * Send email to gift certificate recipients


Bug Fixes
 * Make variation manager more robust so that you can't delete an order when deleting the variation.

Performance Improvements

Additional Packages

Migration Notes

Sorl Thumbnail
In `rev 2449 <>`_ Satchmo is updated to use the latest Sorl Thumbnail code.

The primary change is that all custom templates that reference images, will need to be changed to support Sorl's updated syntax. 
A typical example of an old template tag looks like this::

    {% thumbnail pic.picture 280x280 as image %}
    <img src="{{ image }}" width="{{ image.width }}" height="{{ image.height }}" />
Templates need to be updated to support the endthumbnail tag::

    {% thumbnail pic.picture "280x280" as image %}
    <img src="{{ image.url }}" width="{{ image.width }}" height="{{ image.height }}" />
    {% endthumbnail %}

Also, after upgrading to the latest Sorl Thumbnail code, you must remember to do a syncdb to create Sorl's cache table.

This upgrade allows Satchmo to utilize all the latest features in Sorl. You are encouraged to read `Sorl's docs <>`_ in order to determine 
which ones you'd like to include in your store.

Django Static Files
In `rev 2476 <>`_ Satchmo is updated to use Django's static files. If you have made any changes to templates, you'll need to make sure
to replace references top media_url with STATIC_URL. Here is an example of the original template::

    <script src="{{media_url}}js/jquery.cookie.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
Here is the new template::
    <script src="{{ STATIC_URL }}js/jquery.cookie.js" type="text/javascript"></script>