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 Installation - SVN Version Only
-Installing Satchmo into your path
 This guide is the new (and hopefully improved) Satchmo installation process. It is meant to be a cookbook
 approach for most users. Advanced users can modify to integrate into their own projects.
    You must have a recent SVN version of Django properly installed and all of the
    dependencies mentioned in the requirements section properly installed.
+Installing Satchmo into your path
 1. Use django to create your new store::
         cd /home/user/src
 Customizing the settings
 Now, you need to customize the file in mystore to include the relevant satchmo information. A sample file called is available to act as a template. You may choose
 to copy this file and use as a template for or use the notes below to configure your existing one. Please remember to ensure that your Django database connections and settings are