Contact form email not documented

Issue #1020 on hold
Mikko Ohtamaa
created an issue

/contact/ view behavior is not well documented. Especially where the form data is posted is missing.

I suggest the following paragraph is added to settings documentation:

Contact form

Satchmo /contact form will send all email to the first email of Django ADMINS. For more information about ADMINS settings please read here:

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  1. Tay Ray Chuan

    Although I agree with you on the point of documentation (more specifically, the lack thereof), your description of the behaviour of the contact form is not accurate.

    The settings.ADMINS email address is actually the fallback - satchmo tries to use the store_email from the site Config first.

  2. Tay Ray Chuan


    recently, email sending in Satchmo has been refactored into a single location, so email behaviour is rather predictable and standard.

    I'll make an attempt at documenting this soon.

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