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Issue #1027 resolved
Allan Stavely created an issue

On the checkout page, under "Basic Information", the "Phone number" field has an asterisk by it indicating that a value is required. In fact it isn't.

I looked at the template file form.html, and the asterisk is there, hard-coded. IMHO it should just be removed.

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  1. Allan Stavely reporter

    And same on the "Your Profile" page. Possibly also on other pages I haven't noticed yet.

  2. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    The required fields are set in the admin. So, phone number may be required. However, I agree that it's not quite clear. We should more dynamically identify the required fields. I'll keep this ticket open as a reminder that we need to tackle this.

  3. Allan Stavely reporter


    My reading is that as present those are two different things. The field I'n talking about is under "Basic Information" in a user's profile. At present it's always shown and has the asterisk on it. The field that you can control on the site administration page is under "Billing Information".

    It would probably require significant effort to make "Basic Information" configurable that way, and I'm not suggesting that. I just think that, for consistency with the actual behavior, the asterisk should be removed from the "Basic Information" phone field, on all the pages on which it's shown. Should be a very easy fix, and the ticket could be closed.


    - Allan

  4. Chris Moffitt repo owner


    In 5eba440fb424 , I added the code to make sure the * is only shown if it is required. I need to update the profile code too, I just haven't done it. The solution I've implemented should work correctly in all the instances we've discussed.

    Thanks for raising the issue. -Chris

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