User is created even after smtp error

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Issue #1053 open
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If there is an error sending email when registering, the user it still being created. Then it become impossible for the user to try again later.

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  1. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    In looking at the code, I think the scenario is that the user creates a new account that is not active.

    If email fails, they don't get notfied nor do they have the ability to do it again at a later date.

    We probably need to modify send_store_mail to return a value upon completion and allow us to let the user know that the registration failed for some reason.

  2. Tay Ray Chuan
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    Hmm. I wonder what sort of "errors" the OP is referring to. Some errors can be immediate (eg. failed to connect to smtp server) - we could catch these and prevent the user object from being created. For errors that are delayed (due to queuing, incorrect sender, bounces, etc.), there's nothing much we can do.

    I think we could have a page in the admin to allow shop owners to re-send the activation email. This would solve both of these situations.

  3. Danilo Cabello

    How is this issue by nowadays? I was thinking about it, and found a good option:

    1. If an inactive/unconfirmed user try to login, he receives the option (a link) to send the confirmation to active "again".
    2. At the right side in the administrative interface, the staff can see how many inactive users they have and manual activate some users, just by looking their e-mails.
    3. We can have a cronjob that try to send e-mail to inactive users by X times.

    The solution proposed 1-3 solves the problem, I think, but the first item almost solve 95% of e-mails problem cases.

    I don't think we should cancel the User registration, to him try again, because he needs to type the form again and we don't have information to send the activation e-mail again.

  4. Hynek Cernoch
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    ad 1) Good point. And some users try to register again. They need the same hint as for login.

    ad 3) Cronjob is not important because it would only duplicate what mail server does better, with a resolution of permanent and transient faults. Graylisting on some servers can slow down all emails. A lazy inactive user should not then be bombarded X times by email.

    Advanced users retry registration with other email usually because it if faster then wait.

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