further refactoring of contact templates, plus more

Issue #1059 resolved
Tay Ray Chuan
created an issue

I've published this as [[http://bitbucket.org/rctay/satchmo/changeset/68e775f5cbf7/ | 1453:68e775f5cbf7]].

This comes hot on the heels of the recent state dropdown feature and an attempt at refactoring the contact templates.

This patch series comes in 3 Acts:

# Refactoring of ContactInfoForm templates. As a consequence, state dropdowns in all of them now have the "Loading..." indicator. # Fixes and improvements to the state dropdown code paths. # Moved the view function and url to the satchmo_store/contact namespace. I originally placed them in the payment app, and I realised later that there other users outside of the payment app that used it. I think it's more logical to have it in contact.

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