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Allan Stavely created an issue

According to my experiments, the search facility searches things like product names and descriptions, but apparently not the contents of custom product attribute fields. I propose that it should.

Example: my application is selling books, and one of my custom attributes is "author". My users will naturally want to be able to search for books with a given author. I sure don't want to have to write code to implement this as a special case.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I agree to to the basic tenant. I would say though that to make the search more meaningful, attributes be searched only after a product category is selected, thereby yielding a list of attributes for the searcher to select from. For example, if you have a store that sells books and garden hoses. A category dropdown is populated with the product categories currently in the store. Once either books or garden hoses is selected, attributes for that category are displayed: Books - ISBN, Author, pages, etc Garden Hoses- length, diameter, material, etc This method would allow a generic coding model to present the searcher with choices in successive dropdowns that would likely yield results closer to waht they are really looking for. The reason being is the searchermay know what he is looking for, ie a book or a garden hose, but not exactly what he needs to put in a blank box to get what he wants.

    Think of this approach as a guided search. Guided by the products actually in the store.

  2. Allan Stavely reporter

    This is a reasonable proposal too, but I think it's a substantial addition to what I first proposed. And, to be consistent, I think that if searches are to be done by category, then not only attributes but also product names and everything else should be searched by category too, all in the same way.

    This would be a substantial change to the way things currently work, and I suspect that it might require substantial changes to the implementation as well. I suggest that this be discussed as a separate proposal.

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