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We need documentation about how to translate Satchmo.

Reported by jshaffer

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  1. Anonymous

    Looks good to me, the only thing I would add is a link to a list with all the language codes, that might come in handy for some.

  2. Anonymous

    I am not that familiar yet with making translations like this, but if somebody could make a short mock up of what the docs should look like and how to do certain things. Then I could finish the docs by trying to translate Satchmo myself into Dutch.

  3. Anonymous

    The documentation should cover:

    • Why to use make-messages.py instead of copying another translation file.
    • Running the custom make-messages.py and why it is needed.
    • References to further documentation (django i18n docs, translation file editors).
    • And probably an overview or specific links about i18n usage. Ideally the docs could give enough information to create, test, and use translation files with Satchmo without reproducing much.
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