satchmo_utils.thumbnail.utils confuses URLs with file paths

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Issue #1101 resolved
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All around the place the module treats ImageFileField.path as an URL while in fact it is a filesystem storage path. This can result in OSError exceptions depending on your MEDIA_ROOT and MEDIA_URL configuration.

I will attach a path that fixes a tiny part of the problem that breaks the store for my customer. The rest of the code is still wrong, just does not cause exceptions so.

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  1. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    When I apply this patch, I get paths like this in the db: ./images/productimage-picture-neat-book-2.png

    Which in turn, causes my url to look like this: <img width="280" height="108" src="/static/./images/productimage-picture-neat-book-2_png_280x280_q85.jpg">

    This does work but seems a bit messy. I'm hesitant to make changes until we're sure it's 100% backwards compatible.

  2. Patryk Zawadzki

    I'm somewhat surprised to see a dot there. Could you check what path is passed to the rename_by_field in your testing environment? The function should preserve whatever prefix was passed in and Django always stores relative paths in DB. Here it gets "images/foo.jpg" and returns "images/klass-slug.jpg".

  3. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    In my thumbnail/ file, I added the following debugging:

    if self.name_field:
        field = getattr(instance, self.name_field)
        print "Path =%s" % image.path
        print "Name = %s" %
        image = rename_by_field(, '%s-%s-%s' \
                                            % (instance.__class__.__name__,

    Here's the output I get:

    Path =/home/chris/src/demostores/simplestore/static/images/magic-pony-django-wallpaper.png
    Name = ./images/magic-pony-django-wallpaper.png

    Here's what my MEDIA_ROOT is:

    MEDIA_ROOT = os.path.join(DIRNAME, 'static/')

    I did find if I wrap do a os.path.normpath( it gets rid of the leading .

    Maybe it's a windows/linux issue.

  4. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    I wrapped the calls in os.path.normpath and it fixes the issue for me. I suspect this will also help other people too so it should be a good fix.

    Please test it out in your scenario and let me know if you see any more anomalies.

    Closing out with commit a81e18f8e5a3

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