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Issue #1125 resolved
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I noticed that there are some files named with mixed case (e.g., "_ContactInfoForm_billing.html") and would like to propose that only lower-case be used (e.g., "_contact_info_form_billing.html") in order to avoid problems with case-insensitive platforms. I ran into the case-folding problem on Windows with mercurial the other day, and it was a bit of a nuisance.

Just a suggestion.

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  1. Tay Ray Chuan

    It's only a problem if you plan to put two files like _ContactInfoForm and _contactinfoform in the same directory. Is that the case? Why would you do that?

  2. Former user Account Deleted
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    I think it's a good idea, especially when there's more than one contributor, to use a style guide. And in this case it wouldn't be unreasonable to use the Python Style Guide. I realize a template is not a module, but a name like "_contact_info_form.html" would avoid any potential platform change problems and is still readable. Also, there are other included templates in Satchmo that use the "_file_name.html" format, and consistency is a good thing.

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