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Former user created an issue

In order for the Product admin page to be usable for large inventories, I think

{{{raw_id_fields = ('related_items', 'also_purchased')}}}

should be added to product.admin.ProductOptions.

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  1. Dave Napolitan

    I've done this for my deploy ( by unregistering the Product from the admin, and re-registering a subclass) but the user is then left with a comma-delimited list of product_ids. Not terrible if a user is just adding related items, but if they're looking to remove one - its virtually unusable unless your product_id's correspond to SKUs.

    I'd love to hear if there is a recommended solution here.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Good point. I'm not using 'related_items' or 'also_purchased', so I didn't come across that problem.

  3. Hynek Cernoch

    This is not acceptable for every eshop. Good solution would be

    if settings.BIG_ESHOP:
        raw_id_fields = ('related_items', 'also_purchased')

    I would like by something similar to mark modifications advisable for big eshops. It is more suitable than a big/small/middle install skeleton.

    My most problem in admin are many categories - more than can be even loaded in browser memory at once. Most data are initially imported from other databases. The first step for me is to create custom search engine for Satchmo. How to easy manually correct a mistake? How to find similar mistakes? How to select other parent category, add or delete later other category to the product etc. The best would be to create a custom widget. (child of django.forms.widgets) for adding selected items from a search engine and deleting from a classic listbox. Number of selected items is typically much smaller then numbet of available items. Maybe I do it later, maybe I would.

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