Tiered Weight Shipping requires non-zero weight to use even if you only use it for zoning

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Issue #1144 wontfix
Patryk Zawadzki created an issue

Our customer needs to set different shipping costs per country. The only shipping module that allows "zoning" is the tiered weight shipping but it does a check for non-zero weight:


We don't really have any use for the weight field and the customer does not want to fill it in for all the products.

If one doesn't want to ship under a certain weight, there is already a min_weight field in zone tiers and you can get the same behavior by not setting it to zero.

I suggest either removing the check or creating a separate Zoned Shipping module.

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  1. Bruce Kroeze

    I think the weight check is appropriate for the purpose of the module. Feel free to make and submit a module which does exactly what you want. I don't think this is something we are going to change.

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