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Simon Meers created an issue

{{{docs/custom-product.txt}}} refers to extending the {{{base_product.html}}} template which seems to have been replaced by {{{product/product.html}}}?

It also omits the (seemingly ridiculous) requirements of the {{{product.active_product_types}}} system:

  • Custom product subtypes must be in their own app/module
  • That module must contain {{{SATCHMO_PRODUCT}}}
  • The model name must be in the form {{{AppnameProduct}}}

Besides which, the whole Product Module system is a bit ridiculous; Product is split into two separate admin pages (Product/SubProduct) which will completely confuse users.

IMHO subclassing {{{Product}}} would be much wiser in many cases, with the provision for custom templates to be used (e.g. a {{{template}}} class attribute).

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  1. Martin Kreichgauer

    product/base_product.html became product/product.html, yes. Also, the part where the product model is registered with livesettings has become unnecessary.

    +1 on product.active_product_types. I am upgrading to 0.9.1 from 0.8 right now- and that part just looked weird.

    Subclassing Product is possible (and much more convenient IMHO), but not properly reflected in the docs (only on a third party blog). Since the whole OneToOne thing was only necessary because model subclassing did not exist at the time Custom Product Modules were created, I think it would be a good idea to recommend using subclasses in the docs instead.

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