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In Canada, we need to print the invoice with tax details. For instance, for a customer from Quebec where TPS (federal) and TVQ (provincial) taxes have to be applied, we should print: {{{ #!invoice

Product 10.00$ Shipping 1.00$ TPS (5%) 0.55$ TVQ (7.5%) 0.87$ Total 12.42$


You notice that taxes apply on shipping too.

From what I understand from my developers, this can't be done with the existing tax modules from Satchmo. One of the reasons they invoke is that Stachmo keeps only the total amount of the taxes, so in this example 1.42$.

What would be the best way to implement this tax process?


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  1. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    This is a good question. I'd propose talking about it on the mailing list and seeing what others may have done. Once we get an idea for best practices, maybe we can alter the tax calcs to allow multiple taxes that can be split out.

  2. Robert Marsanyi

    Similar need here: shipping internationally and incorporating VAT, duty and brokerage fees, all of which could be represented as taxes. VAT is percentage by country, duty and brokerage fees may be flat rate by country.

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