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Issue #1203 resolved
Patryk Zawadzki created an issue

Quite some time ago was rebranded to

The API is the same but it would be nice if you could rename the payment module to reflect the rebranding.

What is more important is that Sage Pay has recently issued a warning stating that the old API URIs will be going offline soon.

I am in a rush so the attached patch only changes the URIs, leaving the branding intact. A snippet of the statement follows.

"We’ve noticed you’re still using the old Protx URLs to send transaction information details to Sage Pay. As part of our system upgrade we now need you to make a minor change to your system by starting to use the Sage Pay URLs as soon as possible.

We check regularly to see which customers are using the old Protx URLs, however if you have made the change recently and are happy the URLs have been updated then we apologise for emailing you again about this.

We’ve set a deadline of 30 September 2010 to give you time to move across to the Sage Pay URLs. [...]"

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  1. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    As of 04f821df32ec I incorporated your url changes and "rebranded" the module to say sagepay. Would you mind testing it out and make sure I converted everything correctly? I don't have a sagepay test account so it's difficult to see if I transferred everything.


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