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Andrea Innocenti created an issue

If I want to run a multilingual store I cannot translate every data inserted in the admin site in a different language, because not all the field of the Category/Product etc etc are present in the CategoryTranslation/Product/Translation. For example if I want to add a meta description in a different language in one category there's no api's for accessing the field from the html template via translated_meta or so on... that thing is already present for transaled_name etc etc...

There's the possibility to add this feature for easing the translation of every portion of the site? Or I need to hack around it using the Attribute option? Note that using the Attribute option need some tweak in the template page because there's no possibility to do a clean thing for what I saw accessing reading the code.

thank you for considerating this feature. Andrea

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  1. Andrea Innocenti reporter

    I did some hacking on the files models.py and category.html and needed to add the column in the database for storing the data. it was just an insert but I think it breaks old apps and you won't add this feature but I think it could be useful also for others. let me know if I need to do something else.

    thank you Andrea

  2. Andrea Innocenti reporter

    there's nothing new on this in a month? it's a rejected thing or something useful?

    thank you Andrea

  3. Chris Moffitt repo owner

    Sorry. Because we are adding a new field to a model, we need to have a South migration.

  4. Andrea Innocenti reporter

    Hi Chris, this is the patch including the south migration, it's the first time I use south, so I don't know if the process I made is correct. please tell me if it could be ok or if I need to make some changes on it. thank you Andrea

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