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Hynek Cernoch created an issue

In pdf documentation on page 17 bottom are lost overflowed lines of long text. http://bitbucket.org/chris1610/satchmo/downloads/Satchmo-0-9-1.pdf \ \ Fixed similar typographical errors.

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  1. Hynek Cernoch reporter

    More similar bugs fixed yesterday. Long lines fixed only in keyboard input whilst examples of console output is better let cut in pdf and see usual in html.
    (alreary used in satchmo ce3a77365209 )

    Documentation typography - fixed indentation of some paragraphs
    and better yesterday changes
    Verified by "make html".
    hg pull http://bitbucket.org/hynekcer/satchmo-outgoing

    In PDF documentation on page 17 bottom are many lost overflowed lines of long code.
    I divide it into two pages.
    Problem is, how to fix PDF and not to put wrong HTML version html documentation settings.html.
    I propose to apply this patch only if you will generate a PDF and then undo your changes in "docs/settings.txt".
    changeset http://bitbucket.org/hynekcer/satchmo-test/changeset/8bcb958cd354

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