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Clayton Gulick created an issue

Hi Chris,

I thought it would be easier on new users if there was a script to install all the satchmo deps, so I created the beginnings of one. After running this script, I'm able to import satchmo_store without any errors, basically all I did was take the commands from the docs, tweak them a bit, and put them into a .sh.

I've attached the script, maybe you could add a link to it in the installation section of the docs if you think it would be helpful.

Thanks, -Clay Gulick

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  1. Tay Ray Chuan

    Thanks for the script!

    Hmm, I wonder if we should replace all those instructions with just pip. Wouldn't it be better if we could just get pip to do everything? In Quick Start, it suggests that the pip way leads to different results from the procedure on the Installation page, but actually it isn't the case. In fact, I can't even find any examples of installations that require a hand-install - that's how good pip is!

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    The PyPI version of satchmo is 0.9.1, the installation script might be helpful for folks who need to install from tip - I find myself in this situation right now because I just updated to django 1.3

  3. Clayton Gulick reporter

    I updated the script to use pip for sorl-thumbnail - other than that it appears to work fine for 0.9.2. New version is attached, hopefully it is a time saver for someone.

    On a related note, I don't like the way pip installs satchmo into dist-packages, it makes a bunch of top level packages like l10n and products and such inside dist-packages - this seems broken to me. Until the pip installation is cleaned up, I'd recommend the manual installation method, or using the attached script.

  4. Hynek Cernoch

    Yes, the helps much, if one has the right system configuration, primarily Debian based distro (e.g. Ubuntu) not with too little installed basic packages. A simple script can be also used manually, part by part.

    Otherwise if something goes bad, important error messages can be easily overwritten by the messages of following commands. I think, pip stops on some serious errors and has a log.

    Is your script for a server or desktop or both? Can you write the necessary short docs to be helpful?

    My hosting had originally a sub-minimal Debian installation with only 100 MB, really. My hypohtetical shell script would probably install similar packages whose equivalents, but not the same, other people have already. May cause problems?


    If I am not able to install Satchmo on my friends computer after one and half year of using, it's weird. But if one click installation would be possigle some day, then it more questions would be in user's group, but less people who can help with something non trivial. (as also I started.) I'm personally trying to reach a compromise. I do not touch the installation prerequisities, but I improve the diagnosics and other things that follows. Maybe hints in clonesatchmo, what devel package can help? Only if someone participate.

    rctay: 1) manual installation is more open source :-)
    2) My first Satchmo installation everytimes downloaded something, wrote traceback and deleted temporary files after installing nothing. Thus a part of manual installation can be for a beginner sometimes like a lifebelt and easier than pip.
    3) There can be security reasons for a manual installation: not to have the code on a place writable by the web server process and to be sure with the install source. I was not too happy to see that pip searches in many pages recursively including some blog pages to find a best download link.

  5. Clayton Gulick reporter

    Good point(s) Hynek, my script assumes setuptools and pip are installed, a deb based distro, and I don't have any error checking. I'm not an expert at shell scripts, but I'll try to learn a little more about it and beef this script up to make it more usable.

    Perhaps it makes more sense to set up an apt repo so folks could apt-get install satchmo - and it would just work?

    That would assume a Debian distro, of course. Maybe there's some way to write a cross platform python script using setuptools and/or pip to handle the installation...

    When I get some free time, I'll investigate these things.

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