Added 2 payment modules

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Issue #1228 new
Gunnar Scherf created an issue

Added 2 payment modules:

  1. directdebit for german bank accounts
  2. banktransfer for simple bank transfer after invoice was send /7315d36d6c44

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  1. Alexander Clausen

    The banktransfer module has a problem: it does not allow tracking the payment status in the shop database. All orders paid by invoice are entered as 'New' with a balance of 0 (assumed to be already payed).

    I had the idea to 'abuse' the delayed capture support, so the whole amount gets authorized when adding the new order, and captured when setting the status to 'Billed'. The problem is, the capturing step is hardcoded to happen when the Order status is changed to 'Shipped'.

    Any ideas?

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