Organization field in contact info form not prepopulated during checkout

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Issue #1236 resolved
Joseph Wayodi created an issue

While logged in, during checkout, the contact info form is not prepopulated with the name of the contact's organization, from the database.

I have attached a diff that appears to fix this.

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  1. Darren Hollenbeck

    Due to the following code in save_info for the ContactInfoForm, this issue (not prepopulating the field) causes a contact's organization to be wiped during the checkout process.

            organization_name = data.pop('organization', None)
            if organization_name:
                org = Organization.objects.by_name(organization_name, create=True)
                customer.organization = org
                # in case customer wants to remove organization name from their profile
                customer.organization = None

    Working on a custom tax module to support tax-exempt organizations and discovered this issue. It is still relevant!

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