Variation Manager - changing Slug-name breaks product Add to cart

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Issue #1244 new
scrapper created an issue

after changing the Slug-name in the example store from neat-book_soft to e.g. neat-book_soft2 and Update Variations and afterwards changing it back to neat-book_soft will break the system.

When trying to add Book type Soft cover (+ $1.00) with Add to cart option you will end up with: Error The product you have requested does not exist. Satchmo version 0.9.2 greetings scrapper

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I have same problem

    After changing slug name for variation it is not possible to add it to cart. It is not problem just of variation manager - same is after changing slug-name in product / products / product_variant...

    I tried to find what is wrong but without success

    In the table product_productpricelookup is created new line with new slug-name and in the table product_product are changed meta, weight_units,length_units, width_units, height_units from null to empty (in phpmyadmin)

    Only way which I found how to get product variant to work again is to change slug-name of old line in product_productpricelookup to new slug-name

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