Bad tax calculation for tiered prices and simple products

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manosucias created an issue

I'd detected an issue in Satchmo OrderItems but I'm not sure if this is caused by my configuration or is a bug at all.

I have several Tiered prices for all my products. I detected that if I place an order with a Configurable Product and a Normal Product with the same price for both, the behaviour in the price management is different, I explain it with an example:

For both products I have 8% tax

Simple Product A with normal price ($100) and one tiered price ($50) Configurable product B with some variation options that do not modify the price. Normal price ($100) and tiered price ($50) for parent product too (parent different from A of course)

Then if I create an order from a user that get the tiered price (for base prices everything is fine), by adding this two products (A and any variotion of B) I can see:

orderItem details

Product A (simple):

Unit price 100 Unit tax 8 Line Item Price 100 Line Item Tax 4 Line Item discount 50

Product B (configurable): Unit price 50 Unit tax 4 Line Item Price 50 Line Item Tax 4 Line Item discount 0

The total order amount is correct in both cases, but the bill shows incorrect data.

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