logout next shop_base instead of request.path

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Issue #1270 open
scrapper created an issue

hello chris,

we should change in base.html

<a href="{{ logout_url }}?next={{request.path}}">{% trans "Log out" %}</a><br/>


<a href="{{ logout_url }}?next={{shop_base}}">{% trans "Log out" %}</a><br/>

because it can happen that a user is clicking Logout-button in an area where login is required. Or other fancy stuff is going around:

As an example after a paypal checkout, when you get back-directed to shop (URL: shop/checkout/paypal/success/) and click on Logout-button you will receive:

Error Your order has already been processed.

I think: if a user is in a special user-area and clicks on Logout he is not happy to get redirected to a login-page.

correct me if i am wrong.

Best greetings scrapper

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  1. Hynek Cernoch
    • changed status to open

    Although to remain on the same page in the catalog is a pleasant surprise, logout after /checkout/*/success/ is a pain for many users, which use login. Using login is not so frequent that it deserved a more thorough universal solution than the scrapper's.

    I thing, good can be also a customized logout page, e.g. about which improvments is the seller preparing (why evantually to come again) This was probably the intention of Django's solution "next=". This is never universal.

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